Breakaway Pro Shop

"Serving all your hockey needs in three convenient locations! "

1425 Frontier Rd
Bridgewater NJ
(inside Bridgewater Sports Arena)
*call for into 732-627-0006
ext. 109

2441-A rt 22 west
 Union NJ

 (inside Union Sports Arena)
*call for info 908-258-0670

125 North Ave
Dunellen NJ

(inside Rock Ice Center)
*call for info 732-640-2011

What Hollow is best for you?

At Breakaway Pro Shop we love our Blademaster machines! Where other brands fail, Blademaster thrives. There's a reason their slogan is "The choice of professionals." We use nothing but the highest quality wheels and diamonds to ensure a precise cut every time. Our triple head machines allow us to meet any customers request. The entire staff is trained by industry professionals to ensure we are always ahead of the game.

In this industry there is not enough emphasis on educating customers regarding the pros and cons of different hollows.  Not every player is the same, therefore players require different hollows based on several factors such as style of play and weight. Our company will always work with the athletes to find what is best for you and not what is most cost effective for us. Please take some time to visit the links below to get a better understanding of how sharpening really works. A player that understands his/her radius will always have the extra edge, literally!

Here's some tips to keep you ahead of the game:

-Arrive EARLY to your game or practice if you know you need to get your skates sharpened.

-Always dry your blades completely, and put Blade Guards on your skates before tossing them in your bag to avoid chips and rust.

-Don't wait until it's an emergency to get your skates sharpened! On average most players are getting their skates sharpened once every 2 weeks, or about 6-7 hours of ice time. 

-Try different hollows, don't be satisfied with "O.K", find what is best for you!

*Discount Sharpening Cards Available at any location



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